Should I Hire A Wedding DJ?


Your friend who enjoys making music playlists, might work perfectly for strictly dancing. DJ Hire allows for cultivating of various moods and vibe throughout the day. Playing music for a large group is much more intricate than just for your friends or family. DJs cater for all ages and music tastes and will ensure everyone is having a good time. 

Hiring a DJ is essential to ensure the day runs smoothly. 

Create Amazing Memories

The speeches have finished, the planning and preparations are all complete. Now the dance floor opens!

A Horizon Music DJ will ensure a gradual shift of mood and energy from dining to a party atmosphere. The DJ will plan music so that guests stay engaged. This includes playing music of faster and slower tempo. Our DJs will continuously take song requests and will speak to guests to ensure everyone has a good time! 

Do’s and Don’ts

It is a great idea to put together a playlist of 30 to 50 of your favourite songs to give us an idea of the music to you’d like us to play. We will use our crowd-reading skills to see which songs are working best. 

Don’t have the bar too far away from the dancefloor.

Ensure you don’t hire an amateur DJ. Amateur DJs may not be in business by the time your wedding comes around. Professional DJs are invested in your wedding with their reputation and livelihood.